Invisalign is a breakthrough technology that lets you get the smile you always wanted without bands, brackets or wires. By using clear removable aligners, it straightens your teeth right before your eyes. Invisalign technology treats the vast majority of common problems for adults and teens. Whether your smile needs minor improvements or something more extreme, Invisalign can help. It is successful at treating crowding, excess spacing of teeth or even overbites, underbites, and crossbites.


In order to insure success in our procedures, we take the necessary time to fully and thoroughly evaluate your present dental condition. We use the appropriate diagnostic tools such as X-rays, models, photographs, visual examination, full periodontal exam, cancer screening, and esthetic evaluations. Our goal is to give our patients the necessary information and education so that they may enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile for many years to come.


We believe a good foundation is the key to optimal oral health, therefore, our periodontal care is of utmost priority. We customize cleanings to properly care for your specific periodontal (gums & bone) needs. Whether a six month checkup or full periodontal therapy, our hygienists will always strive to provide the very best treatment while maintaining your absolute comfort.

Implant Restoration

If you are missing one or more teeth, dental implants are the most natural-looking and aesthetic way to replace them. Tooth loss can be the result of tooth decay, gum disease, trauma, periodontal disease, or congenital defects. Missing teeth can cause low self-esteem, eating problems, speech problems, and further tooth damage. Tooth loss can also cause the surrounding teeth to shift around, creating an unbalanced bite that may lead to problems like jawbone loss, TMJ disorder, and headaches.Dental implants are a permanent solution that will look and function like your natural teeth. Strong and durable materials are used to create a result that enhances your smile, health, and confidence.


Modern dentistry has allowed us the pleasure of combining beauty as well as strength when filling teeth. We take pride in “restoring” teeth to as close to their original strength and appearance with composite resins and ceramics. Since patient comfort is top priority, our clinical staff and doctor go the extra mile to make coming to the dentist a whole new positive experience.


Crowns are used to restore both anterior and posterior teeth that have been broken or are at high risk of doing so due to over-sized old fillings or fractures. There are a variety of materials used to construct these and by working with the finest laboratories in the country we are pleased to produce crowns that look and feel like your real teeth.

Anatomical Crown: That portion of tooth normally covered by, and including, enamel
Abutment Crown: Artificial crown serving for the retention or support of a dental prosthesis
Artificial Crown: Restoration covering or replacing the major part, or the whole of the clinical crown of a tooth
Clinical Crown: That portion of a tooth not covered by supporting tissues
Crown Lengthening: A surgical procedure exposing more tooth for restorative purposes by apically positioning the gingival margin and/or removing supporting bone.


Bridges are fixed, or non-removable prosthesis constructed to replace one or more missing teeth. The teeth on either side of the existing space are used to anchor the bridge to restore functionality as well as esthetics. We are now able to construct beautiful porcelain over metal as well as full porcelain and resin-based bridges to produce the best results for each particular situation.

Night Guard

A plastic mouthpiece to prevent damage from grinding teeth at night that may be a hard or soft material.


Dentures, whether full or partial, are a removable solution for replacement of multiple or completely missing teeth. This type of treatment is of choice when there is not sufficient or available support for a fixed bridge. We pride ourselves in creating beautiful new smiles for many who would not expect to smile like themselves again.


Bleaching teeth can be one of the easiest, yet, most gratifying procedures we perform in our office. We are pleased to provide our patients with home bleaching customized for each persons needs. With our supervision you can whiten your teeth in a matter of days with a safe, comfortable and effective process.


Composite resin bonding is used to repair fractures as well as to laminate (or cover) teeth to enhance appearance. These procedures are usually accomplished in one appointment and with little or no discomfort! We are proud to produce some of the most beautiful smiles in Bay area, through our extensive experience and true enjoyment of bonding.


Direct Bonded Resin veneers or Porcelain Laminate veneers are literally a “shell covering” placed over the teeth to enhance or correct their appearance. Whether to close spaces, increase size, change color or straighten the teeth, veneer is one of the most exciting procedure we provide. With extensive experience and a true love for this type of work, we not only change peoples’ smiles, our patients repeatedly say we change lives.